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Can I keep cleaning my toilet with antibacterial detergents and bleach after I install Simple Septic Solutions?

Yes, this is one of the huge advantages of Simple Septic Solutions over other septic additives because it restarts and maintains your septic system quickly and with peak efficiency even when harsh chemicals are introduced (not that we recommend using them!). The bacteria in the unit are not affected by chemicals in the toilet or septic system. Therefore, your septic system will quickly recover as soon as your toilet is flushed, unlike when you pulse feed, which may not restore a healthy balance even with the next monthly feeding.

If I have more than one toilet, where should I install the unit?

We suggest installing a Simple Septic Solutions unit in the toilets that have the most use and are the furthest away from your septic tank. This will insure that all drain pipes have bacteria traveling through them, so they will remain clean.

Do I need to wear gloves to install Simple Septic Solutions?

No gloves are needed. The bacteria remain sealed inside the Simple Septic Solutions unit and they are only released after the first flush.

What happens if I flush the toilet before the 2-hour waiting period after installation?

Nothing, other than cells will not be fully growing. The bacterial growth will catch up to itself and your system will become fully effective.

What happens if I hang the Simple Septic Solutions unit on the side or front of the tank instead of on the back as recommended?

Any position will work as long as the tubing is prevented from interfering with normal operation of the toilet.

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