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Are the bacteria in Simple Septic Solutions safe for me, my family, my pets, and the environment?

Yes, the bacteria used in all Simple Septic Solutions products are naturally isolated species that have been grown in controlled conditions and are certified free of any plant or animal pathogens.

Will the bacteria in Simple Septic Solutions help reduce clogging in the pipes before they reach the septic tank?

Yes, because the bacteria cells are actively growing and requiring nutrients. The organic waste in the pipes is their natural food.

How does Simple Septic Solutions compare to other treatments?

Other bacteria based treatments require you to remember to treat every month, while Simple Septic Solutions lasts for four months – a difference of three times a year versus twelve. Adding large quantities of resting spores provided in powdered products can destabilize your septic system. Simple Septic Solutions releases living, actively-dividing, enzyme-active bacteria. If they encounter adverse conditions they will die as well, but the next flush will restart and stabilize the system.

What are the bacteria doing in the Simple Septic Solutions injector unit in between flushes?

With each flush, millions of bacteria are released into your septic system. Bacteria in between flushes are slowly growing and regenerating on nutrients in the injector unit.

How does Simple Septic Solutions treat the total septic system?

Simple Septic Solutions, unlike any other septic additive, treats all parts of your septic system (as well as areas immediately beyond your leach field, thus helping the environment) continuously with every flush. There are strains of bacteria to breakdown fats and grease that can affect your drain pipes, septic tank, and leach field. There are anaerobic (no oxygen) bacteria species that function primarily to break down sludge and waste in the septic tank and to a lesser extent in the leach field. There are specific aerobic (with oxygen) bacteria that have a role in leach field-specific tasks, such as odor reduction and nitrogen conversion.

What is the shelf life of Simple Septic Solutions?

In dry conditions, the product has a shelf life of three years. Once Simple Septic Solutions is installed and exposed to water, the unit will last 4 months.

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