Jack Okonski

Jack Okonski, developer of the Simple Septic Solutions cylindrical mechanism, and co-founder of the parent company, MicroRemediation LLC, always knew he was an engineer. His career has spanned well over half a century in the broad energy-related field.

Prior to and during his formal education in mechanical engineering, he served his Boilermaker Apprenticeship while learning the metal fabrication and boiler repair business and became an ASME Code Welder. He has never stopped being curious about how to make things work.

In the early 1960s, he designed and detailed all of the shop fabrication for Troy Boiler Works, Inc. before becoming an engineer in the Navy Nuclear Program in the late 1960s. There he was responsible for the fabrication and improvement of pressure vessel reactors and 'spent rod' shipping containers.

Then, in 1973, Jack went back to Troy Boiler Works, Inc. and for over three decades made the company soar, becoming its president, while developing, designing, and implementing numerous energy projects. These included developing a water and air pollution division, creating carbon-fluidized 'bed collection' systems for international chip manufacturers, and helping General Electric with power generation.

Recently, Jack handed over the daily operations of the company to his sons, and, in 2007, co-founded MicroRemediation LLC with business partner, Steve Boyd. Jack's concern for 'all things green' led him to engineer the cylinder that makes MicroRemediation's Simple Septic Solutions work. His interests remain focused on the environment and the bioenergy field, especially through MicroRemediation product development. He doesn't stop working. So, look for more good news and good products to come.

Jack and his wife, Rosemarie, raised three sons and live in Niskayuna, New York where they enjoy dancing, dining, golfing, and winters in Florida.

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