Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd, co-inventor of Simple Septic Solutions and co-founder of the parent company, MicroRemediation LLC, started his career as a biological oceanographer in 1973 at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. If you ask him what he did, he'll tell you he was "working on the quantitative population ecology of zooplankton with emphasis on the biology of Gulf Stream Rings." But don't get him started.

In 1990, his interest in microbial diagnostics and remediation led him to cofound Hydros Environmental Diagnostics, a company that focuses on identifying, enhancing, and controlling microbial species in agriculture, aquaculture, landfills and hydroponics.

By working with municipal sewage treatment, Steve developed an interest in providing specialized denitrification chemistries for the municipal sewage treatment industry. As a result, in 2003, he co-founded a second company, Environmental Operating Solutions, which today produces his patented MicroC, a denitrification product that offers safety, efficiency, and ease of use for sewage treatment plants around the world.

His work with microbial remediation in aquariums, aquaculture, and large-scale septic systems, led to his interest in using the same science to cure the problems of small-scale sewage systems. In 2007, Steve partnered with engineer Jack Okonski to co-found MicroRemediation LLC, through which he is active in designing and promoting new products for bacterial remediation of small-scale sewage treatment. He uses patented release technologies that simplify and balance home and small microbial systems.

But he never stops. There's always something else to figure out. So, when you ask him what he wants to do next, he'll tell you he's "particularly interested in a better understanding of the bioreactor we call a septic system and improving the conversion of nitrate nitrogen into nitrogen gas." Be prepared for a long conversation, and be ready for what comes next.

Steve's son and daughter are grown. He lives with his wife in Falmouth, Massachusetts where he continues to coach women's competitive soccer.

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