MicroRemediation LLC

MicroRemediation LLC was established in 2007 by scientist Steve Boyd and engineer Jack Okonski.

MicroRemediation is a company that has been founded as a 'green' company to manufacture natural, proprietary bacterial septic products for the home, commercial, industrial, and OEM markets.

Simple Septic Solutions is proud to announce our new all-in-one design. This septic cleaning product is based on long-term research and development and 25 years of experience utilizing bacterial augmentation to solve waste problems. MicroRemediation develops and patents processes that promote bacteria storage and prolong active bacteria shelf life.

The bottom line is, we've found a way to continuously and naturally introduce multiple species of active, enzyme-functional bacteria into septic systems with every flush. Our patented method is the only way to ensure that a septic system maintains a healthy balance. We are proud that our new design is changing the way homeowners and business owners are able to protect their septic systems so that they are hassle-free.

We are located in Bourne, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

MicroRemediation LLC
114 Waterhouse Road
Bourne, MA 02532

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"We are changing the world, one septic system at a time."

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